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baaa. I feel sheepish.

Well, this blogging thing sure is going well. 🙂

I really think twitter has killed my ability to blog. Case in point:

Tweets from June 7th, 2009
21:00 Just poked myself in the eye. #failmaster
21:06 Just spilled my drink in my Aston Martin. #failmaster
21:23 I just blew up my microwave. #failmaster
21:27 Just dropped my Glock in the trash compactor. #failmaster
23:38 Just secured a roll of toilet paper. #failmaster
00:08 Just mistook the French ambassador for my physics lab partner. My cover is blown. #failmaster

And I just noticed that my twitter tools is stuck back in January!?

Anyway. I digress.

So what am I doing. Am I still blogging? Am I moving? I just recently moved my photography site to Smugmug. Completely hosted by them. check it out:

My tech blog “You Genius!” is completely a wordpress blog:

Which leaves this, the orphan blog, self hosted wordpress. It’s not that I don’t like wordpress. I just wonder if I need the flexibility, really. Or can a fully hosted solution meet my needs?

Sigh. Things like this keep me up at night.