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wheat allergies and crafts

So our oldest just came home from school, and said, “Daddy! Guess what! we did paper mache today!” She held out the front of her dress, which was covered in white stuff.

“Oh cool! Wait, does paper mache have wheat? Did you use flour?”

She nodded.

I ordered her to the laundry room to take off her clothes and go change, and to not touch or hug her sister or anything until she was done. You see, her younger sister is allergic to wheat. She doesn’t have celiac disease, she isn’t gluten intolerant, she is allergic to wheat. She doesn’t have to eat it to have a reaction, it’s enough to just touch it on her skin, and in the case of flour, it’s easy to breathe it in as well.

That has some implications for school and any craft activities that occur there. It means that her classroom cannot have Play-Doh in it, as that’s made with flour and contains wheat. Other forms of play clay are ok. And now I guess it means paper mache will have to be made without wheat flour.

Boy, her Grade 1 teacher is gonna looove me…

the appearance of the school-going monster

our little monster

our little monster

Well, it’s happened, although in a different way than last year. Last year we had a mouthy JK-er. This year our little adorable nearly 4 yo has turned into a stubborn, opinionated, defiant child. Sometimes.

We’re not sure what it is. DW and I theorize that it has to do with the varied stresses on the routine, just being at school, adjusting to new things. We’re not sure, though. But this time around, we weren’t as surprised when it happened.

So what do we do about it? Well, we talk. A lot. Maybe that’s our failure, is that we talk too much. But we sit down and have a time out, and a talk about why screaming “NO!!!” and wrestling with her older sister is not a great behavioural choice. We’ve been successful at getting them to talk about how things make them feel, and how we should express those things to each other. But boy, it can be hard to keep your own head when everyone is screaming at each other! Sometimes you just want to charge in and yell “STOP!” I’ve tried that. It usually isn’t very effective. You’re just adding to the mayhem. Better a calm and even voiced approach.

I guess time outs work for kids AND parents. 🙂

going to school with food allergies

This past week, the Comic (our youngest) started school, and amidst all the excitement and wonderment of BOTH KIDS IN SCHOOL, the realities of navigating life at school with food allergies have tempered our elation with a little trepidation. Will she be ok? The teacher has been very good about asking us for a list of safe snacks that they will get for her, which is awesome. I’m most concerned about other kids, who may be eating something she’s allergic to, and who may have crumbs or whatnot on their hands and accidentally get it into her food. But food allergies don’t just affect what she can eat. There are many hidden sources of food allergens that you might not think of being at school. Continue reading

first last day

Have you ever gotten those emails from American First Third bank? I always laugh at the name, because it’s so odd. Is it first? Or is it third? Make up your mind!

Today is the first last day of school for my oldest, and I can’t believe it’s been a whole school year already. I’m so proud of how far she’s come in a year. We’re looking forward to a little more flexible schedules for everyone, and we’ve got the first two weeks of July off (more or less) just to do stuff with the kids as a family. The kids have already requested Science Centre, the Museum, Ontario Place, strawberry picking… the summer seems so short, especially when it doesn’t start until the end of June! Ah well, that’s ok. We’ll get used to the rhythm soon enough, as the younger one will be starting school herself come September. And then, for 2.6 hours every morning, no one has to look after the kids. :-0

the Linguist got her 1st report card

the first report cardSo, here we are with another first: the first report card. The Linguist almost forgot to give it to us, it was only after dinner as she was washing her hands that she suddenly remembered, “Oh! I got my report card today! It’s in my bag! Oh! And there’s some jello we made at grandma’s too!” This is followed by a mad dash to the front hallway to retrieve said report card and jello.

I was not worried about the report card, from our interview in the fall, it seemed the Linguist was more than settling into the whole school thing. Most every day if you ask her, she’ll say something positive about school, or her teacher, or the activities she’s doing. Well, when I read the report card, it was effusive, positively glowing. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a nice report card before. Certainly mine were never so good. :/ I was impressed with the thoroughness our teacher put into her remarks, it was WAAY more than “plays well with others” or other stereotypical phrases. High marks to her teacher for that.

I am, admittedly and unashamedly, a proud daddy. That’s my girl! 🙂

how did I do this?

How did I manage to raise a mouthy stubborn almost-5 year old?

I should explain. The Linguist is my oldest. She’ll be 5 in January. She’s intelligent, capable, reads incredibly well, is learning piano, loves to draw, know her way around OSX and Windows… all the things a geek dad could hope for.

But when she gets mad, she’s so mouthy and rude, I don’t know where this comes from. She started school in September, and this is kind of when it started, but is it just that? I can’t imagine that the other kids are being that mouthy to the teacher, but who knows? To their own parents? Is she overhearing kids arguing with their parents? It’s a mystery to me. Maybe it’s TV. Some of those characters on Arthur or B. G. can be pretty mouthy too.

I guess in the old days you’d call it ‘talking back’. Continue reading