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An Ascension Day Message – audio

I have posted the audio from my Ascension Message on our church site. You can find it at, or the direct link is here.

An Ascension Day Message

This is the full text of a message I gave today on the Ascension.


How many of you have siblings?

I’m an only child. No siblings. People would ask me all the time, weren’t you lonely? Lonely? I was never lonely. Was I lonely? No, I had friends, didn’t you have friends? I guess when you grow up without siblings, you don’t know any different. But secretly, I used to envy you. You people with siblings, I always thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have an older brother, you know, someone who was cool and who you could look up to. But when in my adult years I talked to people who had siblings, and they told me their war stories, then I didn’t envy you any more. It was then that I learned about birth order, and about the middle child. You know, the oldest is the responsible one, and the youngest is the baby of the family, but the middle child, well… the middle child often feels invisible, neglected, and ignored. Unsure of their role in the family, uncertain of their parents’ affection, the middle child struggles to be heard. So the theory goes, anyway.

In the church, Ascension is kind of like the middle child, forgotten between the grand drama of Easter and the joy and celebration of Christmas. Continue reading