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Bathroom Reno Update: Day 13

Thirteen is a lucky number, I guess. Today the crew installed the vanity and toilet, and the water is running. The baseboards and trim, the door, and the towel rails and shower curtain rail aren’t in yet, those are to come in the next day or two.

We had hoped that today would be the final day, but there will be a few more days to go.

Yesterday the linoleum was cut and put in, and it gave us a bit of a scare. When we unrolled it, it was all yellow on the inside! It didn’t look good. But a quick search on the internet for “yellow linoleum” and I found out that linoleum will turn yellow if it isn’t exposed to light, because the linseed oil will oxidize. It’s called “blooming“, and it will go away with exposure to light. So we put it out in the sun for a while, and in half an hour it had cleared right up. Remarkable.

bathroom reno: day 3

You Never Know What You’re Going To Find

It’s true what they say about renovations. You never know what you’re going to find until you get in there and see. These last two days have been about surprises. Some nice, and some not so nice. I’ll start with the not so nice.

The reason we had to renovate our bathroom right away was because we had a big leak one morning, with water from the shower drain coming down through the walls in the floor below and ending up in our basement, dripping from the pot lights and everywhere. The source of the leak was found, but it was at a point down the main stack that was behind the wall in our kitchen. So a big hole had to be cut out in order to reach that section of pipe and replace wall cut open Needless to say, it was a little disappointing to have to make a mess of our finished kitchen, but I’m glad that they found the source of the leak and fixed it.

Initially we were concerned about the width of the bathroom, and whether a standard sized bathtub would fit up against the outer wall as we had planned, or if the stack (the main drain pipe in the house running from above the roof right down to the basement drain) would be in the way. We wouldn’t know until we opened up the wall. closeup of stackFortunately, in the process of replacing the old thick cast iron stack with black plastic ABS pipe, we gained some space along the width of the room, so we’re able to put in a 60″ tub. This is important because of cost and availability factors, a short custom length tub is double the cost, and takes some time to source.

Current Status

So the stage we’re at right now: the electrical is done, the pipes are done except for the stack that goes out onto the roof, and the floor joists are re-supported. Tomorrow, the tub is delivered, and I went and bought the flooring that will be installed. I had to get it today because they want to tuck the sheet of flooring under the tub so there won’t be a seam. Nice.

Postscript: Speaking Of Flooring

The flooring is linoleum, the ‘old is new again’ linoleum. It’s funny how when you say linoleum everyone says, “Oh, vinyl.” Vinyl replaced linoleum decades ago, but linoleum is making a comeback. We chose it because, believe it or not, it’s a green choice. It’s made of a combination of linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, tree resins, ground limestone, and pigments. Natural, mostly renewable materials, and no toxins are used in its manufacture. And it lasts a long time. What’s not to like?