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Jon & Kate plus 8

You know, my kids really like this show. Of course, the big announcement was tonight, and no surprise, they’re separating. Great. I hope that the show goes off the air and the kids can just watch re-runs of the good ol’ days, because it isn’t gonna be much fun to watch after this, unless you like watching train wrecks. Oh wait, we do? This is reality TV at its finest? Oh, OK then. Carry on, carry on.

Yay, now I get to answer all sorts of divorce questions! Fun!

Food and Allergies:

Food and Allergies:

“Eating isn’t too complicated for most us, but for kids with sometimes life-threatening allergies, mealtime can be a minefield. Here are the best websites for managing allergies.”

Thanks to H. Davidson for the reference and check out her excellent site Gluten-Free Guidebook.

My life so far, today

Ah dear reader.

Are you still there?

Dear reader, if you haven’t given up on following my blog, you are a saint. And a scholar. Or you’re an optimist. And for being all of those things, I thank you.

What’s been happening anyway? (in no particular order)
– I got a BlackBerry, it was almost like changing religions
– I now have a 6 year old
– I am giving up chocolates, chips, and cookies for Lent :S
– I have “guest spoken” at our sister church in North York and will be speaking this weekend in Mississauga
– I’ve been recording a lot of classical music at work
– I got the U2 album No Line On The Horizon yesterday on iTunes and can’t remember the last time I bought a physical CD. Oh wait, I can. It was Led Zeppelin’s CODA and I bought it at a used book shop on the Danforth
– the 4 yo had a fever for a week from an ear infection
– I’ve been playing a lot of bass, and looking longingly at getting my own, maybe a Lakland or a MusicMan
– the 6 yo is signed up for her Grade 2 Conservatory Piano exam in the summer
– I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Williams Pinball Classics for the Wii… for myself.

Well, that’s about all I can afford to write this week. I’m still writing my message for Sunday. I watched “Religulous” as part of that prep this week, so I might have some thoughts on that to share later. Until then…

A Fun Saturday

It started off auspiciously, this Saturday. This morning we split up, DW went grocery shopping, and I watched the kids at dance class. I brought my laptop to work on some things, but those of you on my twitter know that I had no battery left on my MBP (grrr) and I had to entertain myself with twitter on my cell phone… sore thumbs! The highlight of being there waiting, though, was getting a chance to have a preview of the girls’ ballet routine for the recital in June… so cute.

Our girls were at a birthday party this afternoon, at a play place nearby. The party was drop off (sweet), so DW and I had exactly two hours to relax and shop. And shop we did! We went to Starbucks first, to get our caffeine fix, and then we went to the closeout bankruptcy sale at Linens & Things. Mostly things were 40% off, only a few things were 60%. We did manage to score a set of 3 Green Pan frying pans for $60, which was awesome. I had never heard of Green Pan before, but DW had, and they seem like one of the new wave of environmentally conscious companies.

We also stopped in at the LCBO and picked up some Fresita and a bottle of CHRISTIAN MOUEIX SAINT-ÉMILION 2005 (VINTAGES 979955). This is one of my recent favourites.

We scooted back to the play place to pick up the kids, and thankfully they didn’t make much of a fuss when it was time to go. We had already warned them about it, so it seemed to be alright today. I was excited because their loot bag prize was a webkins doll! (I know, I need a life) Actually I was interested to see what this whole webkins thing was about, since we had never bought them one before. It’s actually pretty interesting to see how complex the whole webkins online component is… you have to earn money for buying stuff for your pet’s room, and feed it treats and healthy food. Visiting every day is touted as being a way to increase your pets happiness (way to feed the addiction to the computer)! I’m keeping my eye on this one, in many ways, it’s like a kids’ version of the SIMS… the girls are not going to be allowed to play this without adult supervision.

The converse may not be true, however… 🙂

When She Was Two

Talking at Age Two from div_conspiracy on Vimeo.

My oldest, when she was two. She talked. A lot.

a day for costumes

Costumed child number one. on TwitPic

Costumed child number two. on TwitPic

going to school with food allergies

This past week, the Comic (our youngest) started school, and amidst all the excitement and wonderment of BOTH KIDS IN SCHOOL, the realities of navigating life at school with food allergies have tempered our elation with a little trepidation. Will she be ok? The teacher has been very good about asking us for a list of safe snacks that they will get for her, which is awesome. I’m most concerned about other kids, who may be eating something she’s allergic to, and who may have crumbs or whatnot on their hands and accidentally get it into her food. But food allergies don’t just affect what she can eat. There are many hidden sources of food allergens that you might not think of being at school. Continue reading

a trip to emergency darling 3 yo walked into the kitchen before dinner and announced that she “had put something in her nose at Poh-poh’s house today.” My wife was prepping dinner, and I was sleeping lying down on the couch.

DW: “You did? Oh-oh. You shouldn’t do that.”
the Comic: “I know.”
DW: “What did you put in?”
the Comic: “A screw.”

Something about the arc of this conversation wakes me. “Come here, honey,” I say.
The Comic dutifully trudges over to me. I look into her nose. Because I don’t have my glasses on, I’m not sure what I see there, but there seems to be a glint of something metal.
I am awake now.
I sit up and put on my glasses, and take a closer look. It’s a screw, still in my daughter’s nose. I can see the cross of the phillips head.
“Ok, honey, sit right here. Don’t move,” I instruct her, and bolt upstairs to look for a flashlight. “Honey, there’s a screw in her nose!” I call to my wife. “It’s still in there!” I’m trying not to let the panic that I feel in my heart escape into my voice.
I can’t find the flashlight.
Tweezers. We have tweezers, somewhere. I dash into the spare room to look through the bathroom supplies box. Grabbing the tweezers, I head back downstairs.
“Ok, honey, I’m going to try to get it out. You have to lie down, ok?”
The tweezer head is too wide. I can’t get it in.
My second attempt involves using my small electronics screwdriver set, which is magnetized, in the vain hope that it might stick on to the screw head and pull out. My daughter won’t have anything to do with it. Probably for the best, anyway. I might poke it in further, a big no no.
“Well, it looks like we’ll have to take her to emerg then,” I say to my wife.

Being the cool and collected medical person that she is, my wife suggested that we all eat dinner first, before she goes and takes the Comic to the hospital. Good idea.

“Does it hurt?” I ask.
“No,” the Comic says. I’m pretty sure it didn’t hurt, since she’s had it in her nose since the afternoon.
“When did you put it in your nose?”
“At Poh-poh‘s!”
“I know, I mean, was it before your nap, or after your nap?”
“Um, I don’t know.”
“Did you tell Poh-poh? Or Goong-goong?”
“I did tell Poh-poh.”
I don’t pursue my line of questioning further. Somehow I’m not sure that she really did tell anyone, because I think my mother in law would have a) told me about it when I picked them up or b) done something about it, like, oh, take her to the hospital.

After dinner, my wife packs up the Comic and takes her to the hospital. The Linguist, my 5 yo, stays with me and we play a game of Monopoly Jr., stay up much too late, and go to bed around 9PM.

I still haven’t heard anything yet. I can only assume they’re waiting, because you always wait when you go to emerg with something minor like this. I call my wife’s cell, but she doesn’t answer. No worries.

At 9:38PM she calls me back with the good news. It’s out, everything’s ok.

When they get home, I welcome them at the door.

“Is it out?” I ask my daughter.
“Yes,” she says, in a of-course-it’s-out-silly-daddy kind of way.
“Don’t do that again, OK?”
“I won’t,” says the Comic, “they threw it in the garbage!”

She’s totally not going to do that again. I know it.

On the way home, my wife jokes with the Comic:
“We should have turned you upside down and gave you a shake before we went to the hospital!”

how did I do this?

How did I manage to raise a mouthy stubborn almost-5 year old?

I should explain. The Linguist is my oldest. She’ll be 5 in January. She’s intelligent, capable, reads incredibly well, is learning piano, loves to draw, know her way around OSX and Windows… all the things a geek dad could hope for.

But when she gets mad, she’s so mouthy and rude, I don’t know where this comes from. She started school in September, and this is kind of when it started, but is it just that? I can’t imagine that the other kids are being that mouthy to the teacher, but who knows? To their own parents? Is she overhearing kids arguing with their parents? It’s a mystery to me. Maybe it’s TV. Some of those characters on Arthur or B. G. can be pretty mouthy too.

I guess in the old days you’d call it ‘talking back’. Continue reading

so what did we do?

DW and I had a nice break tonight courtesy of Andrea and Mary (THANK YOU!) who came over to watch the kids and put them to bed while we went out.

Since it was a bit last minute, we didn’t have anything planned, and we didn’t feel like eating out, so what did we do? Why, what every happily married for 10 years couple would do! We went to Canadian Tire (a hardware/houseware/garden store)! I kid not. The new one, on Lakeshore and Leslie. It was pretty nice, actually.

And what better way to cap of a trip to the hardware store than by visiting a local cafe called Chocolate Heaven? It lived up to its name with made in-house chocolate truffles, tarts, cakes and cheescake. Coffee and chocolate… mmm. I thought, “We should have worship team meetings here…” 🙂 I had a ‘Turtle’ Tart (pecan, chocolate chip, caramel tart) and an Americano. Probably why I’m still awake and not sleeping yet. Whoops.

I love checking on the girls after they’ve gone to sleep. I sneak in, turn off their light, turn down the music, and pull their covers back over them. Tonight the Comic mumbled something and smiled in her sleep. The Linguist cried and flailed a bit with her arms before settling down. She’s been sick lately, so I can understand her discomfort, even in sleep. I give them a kiss, and whisper “Daddy loves you” before sneaking out again. I like to think it helps them sleep better.