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first last day

Have you ever gotten those emails from American First Third bank? I always laugh at the name, because it’s so odd. Is it first? Or is it third? Make up your mind!

Today is the first last day of school for my oldest, and I can’t believe it’s been a whole school year already. I’m so proud of how far she’s come in a year. We’re looking forward to a little more flexible schedules for everyone, and we’ve got the first two weeks of July off (more or less) just to do stuff with the kids as a family. The kids have already requested Science Centre, the Museum, Ontario Place, strawberry picking… the summer seems so short, especially when it doesn’t start until the end of June! Ah well, that’s ok. We’ll get used to the rhythm soon enough, as the younger one will be starting school herself come September. And then, for 2.6 hours every morning, no one has to look after the kids. :-0

itching for summer


The Linguist has been pestering, no, hounding me lately about the following issues:

1) When are we going to go to the Science Centre? We have a membership, so why don’t we go? We never get to go!
2) Why can’t I play outside by myself? All the big kids get to play outside without a grownup all the time! It’s not fair!

Hopefully we can spend some time when school is out to do the things she’s asking. Because in reality, I’d love to do them too, but because of the Comic’s need to nap in the afternoon, we have to do things in the morning. Which is when she has school. Catch-22.

Home Reno Update:

If you haven’t been following my twitter (why not?!) let me give you the quick update. We had finished the bathroom, but after using it for a week, discovered that we had a blocked pipe. And a leak. They were related, unsurprisingly. The water was backing up the drain pipe, reaching a level where during the previous kitchen renovation, the old pipe had been capped off. Needless to say, it was capped off improperly. So the decision was made to open up the walls again, and replace the whole drain pipe, down to the basement.

At the same time, we would try to snake the drain under the basement floor once we got the pipe cut down. This revealed that the pipe was so damaged by tree root infiltration, that it was actually collapsed, not just blocked. This meant that the drain had just been leeching into the ground, and not going to the sewer. Yuck.

So we had to excavate the basement floor, and replace a long section of pipe under the concrete. The carpet had to be pulled back, the bench removed, and a great big mess created. But in the end we had a new pipe, a clear running drain free of tree roots, and at this stage we’ve decided to redesign and eliminate the long bench to free up some much needed floor space to play. We’re also getting rid of the big blue monster couch that came with the house and has broken springs and we couldn’t be happier.

Summer can’t come soon enough:

All in time for summer holidays. We’ll be broke, but at least our home will be a little bit more settled down. It’s still surprising what home renovation will do to disrupt children and their behaviour. It shouldn’t be, but I think it’s because us grownups just deal with it and move on, but for the kids it’s a source of unknown change, unidentifiable and scary.

Actually scratch that. Us grownups get grumpy too. 🙂