complete backup of the blog and update to latest WP version 2.1.3

update to WP 2.2
now using sidebar widgets

added technorati tag cloud to sidebar

added “save this to delicious” link to each post

added Snap Shots to each links giving a visual preview of every link
added Log page to track changes to the site

moved all tracking code to the footer.php file instead of all over the place 🙂

updated links on the log page

added my LinkedIn button to the sidebar and the About page
reorganized the sidebar and changed the number of posts on the front page

added Google AdSense to the sidebar
tweaked the sidebar elements and order (do I really need an archive/calendar?)

under the category of TMI (too much information) I removed my LinkedIn buttons

changed my Twitter to the flash version including all friends
yes, i do need an archive, so it’s added back now (how else would I know when I started this thing?)

edited my About page, adding links to flickr accounts, and LinkedIn page

reader HM let me know of funky display of my blog in IE7, so in response I:
added Firefox with Google Toolbar referrer banner to the top
updated the theme to Freshy 2.0, completely obliterating all my ‘mods’ to the old template, including the aforementioned Firefox banner
will be checking and re-modding the theme over the next few days

added Social Bookmarks plugin to show links to social bookmark sites beneath each post
Moved the firefox banner to the bottom

added “my” script to the sidebar to show latest bookmarks (linkroll)… by just adding the script as is to “my sidebar” file, it formatted it with a proper header and style just like the rest of the widgets.. how cool is that?

twitter tools added: now I can have a summary of all the tweets for the day in one blog post. nice! And it takes care of the sidebar twittering too… I’m getting rid of the flash twitter box.

added the profilactic badge to my About page, now everything is in one place!

added Google site search to sidebar

removed Social Bookmarks plugin in favour of the more streamlined “Share This” plugin from Alex King.

upgraded to WordPress 2.3
Twitter Tools to 1.1dev

Added a Google Reader Shared Items RSS widget to the sidebar

Changed up the Google Reader Shared Items to use Google’s own javascript widget

Changed the site theme
Updated Twitter Tools and hopefully it will work again
Blogroll is back on the sidebar
Added sidebar buttons and profilactic buttons

(note to self: need to update the log more often than this!)
Profilactic badge is back in sidebar
Theme is the latest Blackletterhead
WP is updated to 2.3.3
Twitter Tools daily digest is broken, and is now disabled has been removed, now using furl for my bookmarks

Switched to “I Love Social Bookmarks” plugin
Updated to WP 2.5 RC1
Changed theme to darkwater
removed furl because it doesn’t style well
removed tag cloud and category cloud
added Disqus recent convos

updated to WP 2.6

updated to WP 2.6.3
changed theme

added ferris wheel
added widgets
added widgets

moved all posts to
new theme

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