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The Immediate Media Age: Of Broadband & Blogs – link

Here’s a very interesting article by Om Malik over at GigaOM:

Our whole lives are about doing more in less time, trying to cram everything into 24 hours, in a day that is filled with constant interruptions. Instant messages, emails, and the constant chirping of cell phones have surely and slowly squeezed our attention spans. We have responded this to customizing the digital world […]

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i wish i was this guy

Apple buys domain for seven figures…

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update log / twitter

I started an update log so that you can see what changes I’ve been making to my blog as I go along. I actually started it last month when I had to re-install my whole blog because I was hacked by what I now understand to be an infamous Turkish hacker. Grr. Anyway, it was benign, thankfully, in that all my data was untouched, simply the front page was modified. That’ll teach me to leave my file permissions wide open. Duh.

In the log, you’ll see some of the details of what I’ve installed, and what I’ve tweaked. The most recent change is my Twitter now includes all the updates my ‘friends’ are making, so it might seem odd that I’m giving all this space to other people on my blog. Well, I say, the more the merrier. This is about conversation, so why not eavesdrop on some other conversations while you’re here, right? At first, I was hesitant about Twitter. After all, why would total strangers want to know about what you were doing? In 140 characters or less? As dbush put it so eloquently:

TWITTER –> washing hands.
–> blowing nose

Yes. Well, there is that. But more often than not you get a little slice of life from somebody that can be quite interesting. And people from around the globe as well. Not only that, but twitter itself is evolving. The use of the “@” symbol to denote a response to someone else’s tweet has turned into a bona fide way of having a chat through twitter. Rather than just talking into empty space, you can and will get replies and responses to what you tweet about.

That’s why I’ve changed the sidebar. You can get a taste of what’s going on in my twitter network, and maybe you’ll want to join up too. Fabulously addictive, but you can spend as much or as little time as you like.

I also recommend using Twitterific for tweeting, if you’re on OS X 10.4 and up. Just try it, you’ll like it.

nokia + mac = happy me

Well, this totally slipped under the radar last week, but it seems that Nokia has released a Mac version of their phone software. Very nice. Now all I need is a good way to get a regular 1/8″ minijack output for the phone, and I’m on my way to phone / mp3 player integration. Sweet!

Edit 6:33PM: Well, I would be happy, but I don’t have an N series phone, so this software is no good for me… 😦

a better way

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5

At the recent D5: All Things Digital conference, Wall Street Journal technology columnists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg interviewed Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. To share the experience, download a free podcast (audio or video) of their historic meeting.

Note: You must be at the US store to do this. It’s not available at the Canadian Store.

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jobs and gates at the D conference: video

If you’re interested, and have about 90 minutes to kill, you can watch video of the Steve Jobs / Bill Gates interview at the All Things Digital D5 conference.

all the Jobs Gates goodness

Check out the discussion as it happens!

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oh i SO want to be there

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are making a joint appearance at the Wall Street Journal’s D conference. Both on stage at the same time, being interviewed about the “history and future of the digital revolution.”

Can someone send me there please? Please?!

happening in estonia

Did you know that Estonia’s internet is under attack? I just read about it in this article here. (see the original story in the NY Times here (login required).)

Kind of scary to think that the whole country’s internet could be targeted and overwhelmed by a Denial-of-service attack. While these kinds of attacks are not new, I can’t recall a time when a specific country was targeted.

What chilled me was the following paragraph from the Times article:

Scientists and researchers convened by the National Academy of Sciences this year heard testimony from military strategy experts indicating that both China and Russia have offensive information-warfare programs. The United States is also said to have begun a cyberwarfare effort.

[emphasis mine]

If you think about how much reliance on the internet and networks we have right now, it’s scary. Makes me want to hide some cash under the mattress just in case the banks go down… 🙂 And some chocolate. You know. In case I get hungry.

wireless is so useful

Our wireless router is located in the basement, near the front of the house. When we park the car in the front laneway, I can connect to our router from inside the car. Which is what I’m doing now, keeping J company in the car as she naps. Too hard to move her, so we just let her sleep in the car. Good thing, we have an evening service to go to tonight. It’s better that she naps.

Oh, speaking of which, I think she’s awake now… 🙂 gotta go. Have a wonderful Easter!

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