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WordPress 2.5 RC1

Because I’m a glutton for geekiness and I like to try out new stuff, I upgraded this blog’s inner workings to the latest WordPress 2.5 (Release Candidate 1). That’s right, I’m running this whole thing off of a beta. Call me crazy, I know.

My impressions so far:
The Dashboard interface has gone through a major redesign and I have to say it looks great. I like it. It’s cleaner, it looks much more web2.0, and things are completely rearranged so I get to discover where everything is again. Isn’t upgrading fun? No, seriously, I do like it. The post page looks like this now:
WP 2.5RC1 new post screenshot

There’s a cool lightbox effect pop up when you add media to your post, and oh, there’s even an alignment setting now. Hope that works. Yep, hey, it does work. I’ve been fiddling around with getting images to align properly, so maybe this will ease my pain a little. We’ll see.

All in all, it looks like a ‘big deal’ and hopefully any bugs will be ironed out before the final is released.

Happy blogging!

wordpress 2.3 is coming

Oh boy, I think I feel an upgrade coming on. WordPress 2.3 is being released on Septmber 24th, a mere 3 days from now. If i’m not too tired Monday night I might do the upgrade and see what it’s like. You probably won’t notice much different, but I will. 🙂


props to support at intego

Recently I purchased and installed Intego’s Content Barrier X4 for Mac, a program for blocking access to web sites that contain objectionable content, as well as filtering predatory phrases on chats and other things like that. (For those of you who are curious as to what constitutes a predatory phrase, “don’t tell your parents” is one such phrase). I realized that since the kids are starting to use sites like and that I should have some sort of filtering system in place.

I’m not sure whether it’s my own jaded attituted to customer support these days, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the support team at Intego responded to my question and with the correct answer/solution to my problem. Let’s see, looking at my emails, I submitted my support ticket at 10:48AM, and I got my response at 10:54AM. That’s 8 minutes, folks. Very impressed!

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site update

I’ve updated the theme template to the latest version of Freshy by JIDE.

There may be some changes over the next few days, but I hope to have things stabilized and back to the new ‘normal’ soon.

Thanks for bearing with me.

P.S. I’ve been alerted to issues with my site and IE7. If you’re using IE7, leave me a comment to let me know how things look with this new theme. Thanks!

ooh, flock 0.9 beta!

well, I got the nicest email from the people at flock letting me know that the feature I wanted was now included in the new beta release of flock. SO… being the early adopter that I am, I downloaded it. I’m now blogging with the new version. Hope it works! If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s an awesome browser. It integrates your blogging with flickr with RSS with pretty much anything. Check it out if you don’t mind a beta.

Edit: in a word, wow! It looks so much better, and it works great! Faster, much more useable! I think I might just switch completely!

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wow, cool

Hey, just found this cool software sale at MacZOT today only, 13 apps valued at $300USD for $13USD. Not too shabby.

Check it out if you’re interested. There’s some productivity apps, a cool workout app (hey, now I can get in shape!) and some utilities. You can find it here. The only catch is that as of now, there’s only one more chance to buy, and you only have a 13 minute window. You also have to register with macZOT first, so do that if you’re interested.

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oh, and just so you know

Pro Tools 7.3 and OSX 10.4.9 (updated via Software Update) DOES NOT WORK!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

I must have tried reinstalling PT, like, 4 times before I found this out on the forums. Doh!

Oddly enough, it’s supposed to work if you update to 10.4.9 via the Combo Installer, which is a .dmg download (310MB, mind you… it’s not small). I’m downloading it now. I thought I’d share while I wait for it to download. Lucky you.

i just got joost

after months of waiting, I finally got my Joost beta for OSX token. w00t! And me with a nice shiny new MacBook Pro to run it on, too…

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