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Oh my goodness too funny.

Patrick Stewart… you are the man.

Wii Gets Rock Band Killer

Disney today announces Ultimate Band for the Wii. A music and rhythm video game which will require no new peripherals to be purchased to be played.

Now that last part is intriguing. They’re saying that they will use just the Wiimote and the Nunchuck controllers to simulate the drums, guitar and bass. That should be interesting. I think that if they can pull this off, it definitely might be a Rock Band ‘killer’. However, there is something to be said for actually hitting pads and holding a guitar shaped controller to really get you in the ‘rock out’ mode! Especially hitting things. I like hitting things. (My favourite Muppets character? Animal.) For the full story click on “read more” below.

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Keith Jarrett

Guide Note:

Keith Jarrett is a Jazz and Classical pianist and composer. Performing as a soloist and in ensemble, Jarrett is a champion of improvisation.

Fast Facts:

Born May 8th, 1945

Breakthrough Koln Concert took improvisation to new heights

Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1996

Swore at the audience for taking flash photography: Montreal Jazz Festival, 2007

Record Label: ECM

The Mahalo Top 7

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Keith Jarrett and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

NPR Fresh Air: Jazz Great Keith Jarrett Discusses Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) People: Keith Jarrett
The Guardian: Back from the brink
New York Times: Still Battling an Illness, Jarrett Ends His Silence — November 8, 1998
L.A. Times: A Ferocious Spirit, Untamed — February 23, 1999

Keith Jarrett in the Press

New York Times: Keith Jarrett News
Culture Kiosque: Keith Jarrett: Zen in the Art of Jazz
Culture Kiosque: KEITH JARRETT: Interview “The Sons of Miles”
Brainy Quote: Keith Jarrett Quotes

Keith Jarrett Video

You Tube: “My Funny Valentine / Song” Keith Jarrett Trio
You Tube: YouTube – Keith Jarrett – I Loves You Porgy

Keith Jarrett Audio

NPR : Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz with Keith Jarrett
WNYC: Music – An Hour with Keith Jarrett
WNYC: New Sounds: Program #056 (April 21, 1987) Keith Jarrett

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pink martini

What do you get when you combine 2 violinists, 1 cellist, 3 multi-percussionists, a guitar, a bass, a trumpet, a trombone, 2 vocalists and a extremely energetic pianist? Why, Pink Martini, of course. We had the extreme pleasure of catching their concert at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, part of the Place des Arts complex in downtown Montreal. The music was, in a word, sublime.

Our journey to Pink Martin began last year, when my wife just happened to flip on the TV to PBS, and there was this band on. “Hey, honey, come here quick!” “What?” “Just come!” They’re singing a song with my name in it. It’s hard not to like a band who sings a song with your name in it. It happens to be the closing number, and that’s it. We didn’t get to hear any more, but it was captivating, for that moment.

Fast forward to my planning the trip, and I see that Pink Martini is at the Montreal Jazz festival. That does it, I book the tickets as soon as they come available. And we were not disappointed.

Fun, accessible, somewhat campy music. Combining classical, latin, spanish, greek, french and even japanese music styles and songs, Pink Martini gives you a musical variety that keeps you interested throughout the whole evening. There is so much to watch, there’s so much going on. Both DW and I are musicians, so we appreciated the level of musicianship and effort that goes into getting a large group like this together. It was flawlessly executed from start to finish, a delight for us to watch. The pianist was flamboyant, and would frequently start playing after introducing the song even before he had really sat down, he just kind of descended onto the piano and began. The percussionists all switched around to different instruments, which was really cool. And the string players all had skills, wow. The lead singer has a great voice and a fun presence. All in all, highly recommended if you can catch them live.

The Gazette’s review.

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in a mellow tone

I taught my two daughters this song one day, just do-be-do-bah-baah… now when they hear the recording they go “do-be-do-bah-bah”. I love it.