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Bedtime Songs

8:47PM. My 5 yo is not asleep yet. Or rather, she’s woken herself enough to realize that I’m standing by the door to her room and that she hasn’t heard me sing her song yet.

I sang their songs out of order tonight. Usually I sing the sillier one first, to get it out of the way. It’s “Hush Little Baby”. I’ve come up with an inordinate number of rhymes. In my version, Papa buys them coats of wool, bright red Chevys, shiny pots, puffy clouds… you get the idea. After that I go for “the closer”, a slow lullaby that usually puts them right asleep, and if not, awfully close. Tonight for whatever reason I sang the slow one first, and now the silly one hasn’t settled them down.

“I didn’t hear you sing my song yet!” she wails. Close to tears, my youngest daughter tells me that I can’t go, she didn’t hear me singing, and I have to stay. I weigh my options. If I go now, she won’t fall asleep, upset as she is. If I stay, am I being weak, giving in, a soft touch? Will I be easy pickings when she’s seventeen and wants to take the car for the weekend?

I decide to stay. Kneeling by her bed, I sing my silly song, quietly, sotto voce. She’s asleep before I reach the end. It must be one of the sweetest moments as a parent, sitting beside your child as they sleep. The time will come soon enough, when they won’t want me to sing lullabies to them, or read bedtime stories, or have anything to do with them at all.

Soon enough. For now, I still get to be Daddy.

“Hush little baby, don’t you cry… Mommy loves you, and so do I.”

the games are dead, long live the games

When Apple transitioned its hardware to Intel, many pundits wondered what impact it would have on the games market for the Mac. Most thought it was a death knell for any new games being ported to the Mac, since it was assumed that most people would just boot up into Windows if they wanted to play a game, especially if they had to wait while the Mac version was ported. Ported games were dead, they said. Perhaps the small game developers who were Mac only would survive, and even thrive, but the big players like Aspyr and EA would abandon the Mac market.

Well, EA is back, as of today, they announced at WWDC. Yes! Of all the announcements, I think this is probably the most significant. Yes, that’s right, games. Games, games, games. Because no matter how cool the whole lifestyle thing is (iLife, or iTunes, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD), games sell computers. And particularly, games sell new computers. Games usually push the limits of the computing power available, and are the kind of apps that cause upgrade-itis in the consumer. And the games are going to be available in the Apple Stores, featured prominently, I’m sure.

Personally I’m going to pick up a copy of Need for Speed… it’s been soooo long since there was a decent racing game on the Mac (if there even ever was one) that I want to support it! Oh, and I hope they bring WANT Tiger Woods Golf too… that’s another must have… heh heh.


Yes! I called it! No new hardware! W00t!

wait… but I really wanted new hardware… 😦

predictions fo WWDC?

I thought it might be fun to try and predict what Steve-O will announce tomorrow at the WWDC. Yes, yes, Leopard. But anything else? Hmm… let me see… well…. NO!

Sorry, been watching too much Backyardigans

That’s right folks, you heard it here first, Steve Jobs will not talk about anything else except OS X 10.5 Leopard tomorrow. I’m sure of it. Maybe.

they’re here

New MacBook Pros… but no 12″…

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it’s ba-aack

My iBook is back. I followed the guide here and the tips here, and got it back up and running today. Some minor disassembly, and a few rubber feet later, voila! iBook is back. Nance will be happy because she can still use the net while I’m working. I’m happy because the kids can bang on it and I don’t care. My wallet is happy because it didn’t cost me $700 to replace the logic board.

Here’s a picture of little brother next to big brother:


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“PC Decrapifier”

I just saw this funny link over at The Mac Observer:

PC Decrapifier Eliminates Crapware

If you have a PC, you should definitely pick up this program.

I’m not sure if they chose the word eliminates on purpose or not…  -_-

iBook flaw found to be Apple’s responsibility in Denmark

Dare I hope for a free fix?

from the Register

“Apple Grilled over iBook G4 Logicboard Deaths”

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wow, cool

Hey, just found this cool software sale at MacZOT today only, 13 apps valued at $300USD for $13USD. Not too shabby.

Check it out if you’re interested. There’s some productivity apps, a cool workout app (hey, now I can get in shape!) and some utilities. You can find it here. The only catch is that as of now, there’s only one more chance to buy, and you only have a 13 minute window. You also have to register with macZOT first, so do that if you’re interested.

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i’m a softie

yes, yes, I admit it. I’m a softie. Here’s proof… I let the kids touch my new MacBook Pro.

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