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C64 games coming to Wii’s Virtual Console

from – Just when you think all of your nostalgic fantasies have all been fulfilled, along comes Nintendo with a little extra joy for your retro heart. That “little extra” in this case happens to be Commodore 64 games for your Wii.

Oh man, Commodore 64 games! Fun times, fun times.

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Wii Gets Rock Band Killer

Disney today announces Ultimate Band for the Wii. A music and rhythm video game which will require no new peripherals to be purchased to be played.

Now that last part is intriguing. They’re saying that they will use just the Wiimote and the Nunchuck controllers to simulate the drums, guitar and bass. That should be interesting. I think that if they can pull this off, it definitely might be a Rock Band ‘killer’. However, there is something to be said for actually hitting pads and holding a guitar shaped controller to really get you in the ‘rock out’ mode! Especially hitting things. I like hitting things. (My favourite Muppets character? Animal.) For the full story click on “read more” below.

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