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Wheat, dairy, egg free prepackaged Beef Gravy

Look what we found at the grocery store today!


adventures in eating out

Question: Where do you take a kid that is allergic to wheat, dairy and eggs for dinner?

Well, the answer is: not that many places… but thankfully that list of places is expanding.

Normal places that are safe*:
– Swiss Chalet (a Canadian rotisserie chicken restaurant): where she can eat the chicken, the sauce, and the fries (although they are a risk because they don’t use dedicated oil for the fries)
– McDonald’s: where she can eat the fries and the hamburger patty without the bun
– Japanese for sushi and maki/rolls (but nothing that has tempura or is fried with soy sauce, and she’s not a big fan of the wasabi either)
– we can also go to Chinese restaurants and order steamed rice and ‘plain stir fry’ veggies with garlic (aka ‘ching chow’ in chinglish… LOL)

As you might gather, it’s not the greatest variety. I should also mention that my daughter is just shy of 5 years old, and she doesn’t like lettuce that much (nor raw tomatoes or peppers), so ordering the Garden salad is not an option.

I will be starting a new series on places that we have eaten out where we were able to order something that was wheat/dairy/egg free**. Items off the menu, even! Tonight we’re trying a new place, Grace Restaurant on College. Check my twitter for pics of dinner at:

* Allergy information and complete ingredient lists for many restaurants can be found online at the restaurant’s own site, usually. McDonald’s is pretty good about it, as is Swiss Chalet.
**I should start a new acronym, like GF (for gluten free). WF/DF/EF? WDE-free?

We Love Tofutti

It’s hard not to love a company that makes dairy-free alternatives to difficult to substitute things like Cream Cheese, or Sour Cream. Tofutti is one of those companies whose items consistently top our shopping list. Not only are they dairy-free, but they also taste quite good, both in consistency and flavour.

But what really seals the deal, and what we first knew Tofutti for, were these:

pp-vanilla-bg.jpg (JPEG Image, 907x409 pixels)
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That’s right, Vanilla Premium Frozen Dessert. Sounds pretty boring, but this pint sized tub of frozen treat was the thing that allowed our daughter to feel included when everyone else was having ice cream after dinner. It was what saved us when we went out to dinner parties at friends’ houses. So it means a lot to us to have this product available.

As I alluded to, Tofutti also makes “Better Than Cream Cheese”, and “Sour Supreme”, excellent substitutes for Cream Cheese and Sour Cream, respectively. A more recent product which we also love, is their Soy-Cheese Slices. Having bought and tried a number of different soy and rice based cheeses, usually sold in blocks, and invariably having them either taste extremely foul or going bad before our daughter could finish all of it, these individually wrapped cheese slices were amazing. Normally we don’t get processed cheese slices, but I can’t argue with the sheer convenience and the long lasting nature of this product. It comes in two flavours, Mozzarella and “American”, and looks and feels just like a regular processed cheese slice. It’s great in sandwiches made with wheat-free, egg-free, diary-free bread, AND yes, it melts like cheese should melt. Awesome for grilled cheese. Or putting on vegetables.

cheese-amer-bg.jpg (JPEG Image, 907x409 pixels)
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The company has a quirky sense of humour too, calling one of its ice cream bars “Marry Me!” bars:

“Tofutti’s Marry Me bars are a match made in flavor Heaven. Fine, full-bodied vanilla made with organic sugar partnered with a rich, deep organic chocolate coating create a classic love story that will leave you feeling happily ever after.
For a healthy, long lasting relationship.”

Hard to argue with that. I think I might just go have one myself. Excuse me… 🙂

Note: Not suitable for those with an allergy to soy.

Tofutti soy-cheese slices

Our youngest has food allergies. A lot of them. Part of the struggle with food allergic children is finding ‘normal’ foods that allow them to feel like regular kids. One of the hardest things to find is a good non-dairy cheese, but we finally found one that comes in slices. Now normally cheese slices aren’t high on my list of food, especially since it’s usually not great cheese. But if you’re trying to make a grilled sandwich, or melting it on veggies, nothing has the same kind of consistency as a cheese single. So we were really thrilled to find Tofutti Soy-Cheese Slices at a health food grocery down the street from the girls’ dance school. As soon as we saw them our eyes widened and we bought a pack right away.

Slices are useful because of the way they melt, but also since they’re individually wrapped, they keep longer. We had been having trouble with another brand of soy cheese that only came in a block form. Invariably, we’d only get through half of it before the whole thing went moldy. What a waste.

So how do they taste? Well, if it’s any indication, the Comic had 5 slices in the last two days. She loves them. We couldn’t be happier!

new video posted

Here’s the Linguist and the Comic making rice desserts with their Auntie!

T and bananas… not so much

Hmmm… it seems that T is still reacting to bananas, just not in the way she used to react to foods. sigh… it feels like a setback, but I guess we got our hopes up a bit. In any event, we are navigating our way through safe food, and so far we’ve been relatively successful. Eating out will become increasingly difficult this year, as T is older and more aware of being left out. That’s why we like Swiss Chalet so much, because she can have actual food there. At Chinese resto we can only really get rice and plain veggies. Or cucumber maki, as you saw. Everything else has a sauce, which all usually have wheat.

Oh well… eating at home is healthier anyway… (^_^)