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site update

I’ve updated the theme template to the latest version of Freshy by JIDE.

There may be some changes over the next few days, but I hope to have things stabilized and back to the new ‘normal’ soon.

Thanks for bearing with me.

P.S. I’ve been alerted to issues with my site and IE7. If you’re using IE7, leave me a comment to let me know how things look with this new theme. Thanks!


Welcome to my new permanent home at! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but haven’t had the time to make the switch. I’m using WordPress, hosted on my own server. I hope that this will give me some increased control over the look and form of this blog, as well as give a slightly shorter address to type in!

Sorry everybody, you’re going to have to update your links… thank you everyone who has been linking to my blog, you haven’t gone unnoticed, and I appreciate it!

These pages might have that ‘just moved in’ look for a little bit, as I slowly modify everything to my liking, but rest assured that the content will be of the same quality as before. ha ha.

Thanks for reading!

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how to?

When I first started this blog I felt as though each post was like an email to no one in particular. Now I feel like each post is going to real people, some I know, and some who I don’t. (Hi out there!) I’m hopeful that you will each find something interesting or useful from my experiences.

I see from my blogger dashboard that this is my 70th post, which means I have equaled the number of posts on my photoblog. Cool.

I was wondering how you read blogs. Do you use the RSS subscribe feed? A feed reader? Or do you just keep bookmarks / links? Links on your own page to blogs you read?

I have been using Flock’s newsreader feature to aggregate all the blogs I read into one page, that gets automatically updated whenever there’s a new post. It’s cool, and convenient, but I don’t really discover new blogs this way. I tried the “next blog” button, but it’s kind of random (ok, it’s totally random LOL) and sometimes i get nasty stuff, or stuff in not-english, or pre-teen asian girls who typ lk dis and tak abt der FRENS a LOT.

SO how do you go about finding new and amazing blogs?