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you did what?

I started a new blog. I don’t know why, I just went crazy and started writing at And I liked it. I’m going to refocus a bit here, splitting the technology posts from the parenting posts. You will find parenting stories and anecdotes about life in general here, as usual(?) and all my technology ramblings on

So please visit and hit the RSS button, and leave lots of nice comments, ok? Thanks. 🙂

speaking of stripped

If you want to really check out stripped down, check out my tumblog:

It’s sort of the ‘best of’ my twitters (minus the @replies), my google reader shared items, and links to my blog posts. Sometimes I’ll even post directly there if it’s something short. Brian Bailey had at one point completely switched his blog over to tumblr, but I’m not ready to do that yet. And as it turns out, neither was he. Tumblr is sort of my cottage, I’m not there all the time, and I just kind of have fun there and relax. I don’t track visitors there (gasp!), or have cool Snap pop ups, or even have any comment capabilities. It’s just a fun blog with aggregation capabilities.

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stretching out

Aaahhh, that’s better. I’m stretching out a bit here, changing things up with the theme. I was going to try to totally strip it like Ben Arment has been calling for, but I ended up with another theme that kinda looks like my old one, but a little bit simpler. I still like the dark kind of look, but I’m moving towards blue and away from orange.

I’ll be adding back features in the coming days. For now, this is where it’s at.

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wordpress 2.3 is coming

Oh boy, I think I feel an upgrade coming on. WordPress 2.3 is being released on Septmber 24th, a mere 3 days from now. If i’m not too tired Monday night I might do the upgrade and see what it’s like. You probably won’t notice much different, but I will. 🙂


not quite perfect

I really like the tools that Alex King has created for WordPress. Twitter Tools lets you show your Twitter posts in the sidebar and to post to Twitter from your blog. Share This puts a nice little popup beneath each post to allow your users to share the link on social network sites (like Facebook), or to email this article if you’re still old school (just kidding)!

One thing that’s still not working (due to changes on Twitter’s part) is the daily digest of tweets to the blog. It was previously working, but, as you have probably noticed, there haven’t been any digests lately. So I thought I’d take the moment to ask if you, as a reader of my blog, like the daily digest of tweets, or not? Is it annoying? Or useful?

I liked the feature because it was a way of saving the posts made on Twitter somewhere, functioning like a backup of sorts. But perhaps it added to the ‘noise’ on the blog, rather than contribute useful content?

Your thoughts, Spock. I must have them.

why blogfriends?

this is why:


Do I know David Marriott? No. But I went to his blog because it looked interesting to me. Based on my interests and friends of friends’ blogs, this came up. If you want people to discover and read your blog, this is one great way to do it, and reach a more targeted audience.

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why my videos will be on vimeo

So almost as quick as I started a YouTube account, I’m abandoning it. Well, not exactly, but I’m not going to be posting a lot of recent videos there. You see, I’m concerned about privacy, and about my children. Now, it may seem that personal blogging and privacy are pretty much at odds with each other, but when it comes to my kids, I feel that I should be more cautious than I have been. So I’ve been thinking of a privacy ‘best-practice’, if you will, regarding images and videos of my kids online. How should I manage my kids’ online presence?

Some Thoughts:

1. Random strangers shouldn’t be able to easily find my kids’ images or videos.

This means that you won’t be seeing videos here on the blog. Sorry. I get enough random hits from all over the world that I need to change how I use this space. If I put videos on YouTube, they are essentially open. I know there’s a privacy feature, but it’s limited to 25 friends, which doesn’t work for me. Vimeo lets me specify exactly who I want seeing what video. As their tagline goes: “Because everyone shouldn’t see everything.”

My spaces for safely adding random strangers are twitter, pownce, and virb.

2. If we know each other, you should be able to access images and videos without major hurdles.

For this reason, I’m going to put the current 5 videos on Facebook, and the rest on Vimeo. I’m pretty much only adding people that I know on Facebook, or that I’ve started some kind of meaningful conversation with. And I’ll be letting them know about Vimeo too. Thankfully, it’s dead easy and super fast to sign up on Vimeo, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle. Facebook for the current 5, Vimeo for the complete archives.

I’m also transitioning my children’s pictures onto Facebook as well, and will keep my kids’ Flickr site family and friends only. This way everything’s a little more protected.

3. My kids’ videos shouldn’t show up next to NSFW or inappropriate content. A “G” rating all around would be appropriate.

Another strike against YouTube. I can’t control what shows up around my kids videos when you view them on the page.

4. What’s done is done.

I’m not going to go back and remove all the pictures that I’ve previously posted here, as I think that would seriously compromise the blog. But as time marches inexorably onward, and as the kids are at an age where they are changing month by month, I’ll be ok with those old pictures being on here.

I hope I’m not being paranoid. I would like to think that honesty and openness are still commodities that are traded here. And I would like to believe that there are more good people than bad people in this world. But I just need to be a little more careful, for my own peace of mind.

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one year later

Well, yesterday marked the one year point of my blog, and if you asked me to reflect on what I’ve learned in the past year, it would mostly be that writing takes time, and thoughtful writing takes time, reflection, and lots of editing. I’ve learned that setting up a blog can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. I’ve learned that to get comments you need to leave comments. I’ve learned that children are an endless source of material, if I’m not too tired and my memory is working. I’ve learned that I don’t usually write lengthy posts.

In the past year, I’ve seen the rise of facebook, the advent of the tag, and the introduction of numerous social networking sites. I’ve discovered that I’m a joiner. 🙂 I’ve experienced the thrill and the negatives of chasing pageviews and rankings. 😦

I’ve made friends of total strangers, and overcome some of my inherent ‘I-ness’ and discovered my latent ‘E-ness’.

I know not what the future holds, nor where it may take me
If many years remain, or few
I simply know that with me goes the one
Who holds all hope
In hand

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how deep the rabbit hole goes

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

What? only 75%? 🙂


Boy, updating your site theme and modifying all the bits can be really really addictive… anyway, I think I’m done all the changes. I’ve looked at it with IE7 and it’s just plain ugly. So do yourself a favour and use Firefox or Safari instead. 🙂

Now you can easily add or fave posts by using the little buttons beneath each post to save it to, digg, reddit, and others. So go crazy with the social bookmarking already! Thanks.

I’ve also taken out the twitter friends bar… it’s just too cluttered looking with that thing there… for some reason it looks nice on my VIRB profile though, so check that out too while you’re at it.  -_-

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