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Does time slow in crisis?

In The Matrix, hero Neo wins his battles when time slows in the simulated world. In the real world, accident victims often report a similar slowing as they slide unavoidably into disaster. But can humans really experience events in slow motion?

Have you ever experienced this? TIme seems to just stand still for a split second, and it seems like you have a hyperawareness of what is happening. Researchers in Houston wanted to find out whether this effect was real, or just our perception of the event.

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time’s up

An interesting read here in the washington post:

Despite “Mommy Guilt”, Time With Kids Increasing

Find the counterpoint to this article on the Parenting Blog on the Toronto Star here.

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careful how you praise your kids

An interesting article in New York Magazine:

It’s not surprising that what we tell our kids has such profound impact on them, but it is surprising that a seemingly positive statement can have a negative effect. An interesting article on a complex issue, and interesting from a parents or educators point of view.

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