Posterous is closing, and I’m moving back in!

I just got the news that Posterous is closing on April 30, and so I thought that it might be just nice to move things over here. While Posterous was nice to have a completely private website, it did tend to make me neglect it a bit, and so I’d rather share with more people. You’ll see a bunch of new older posts appearing as I import what was on posterous over here, and hopefully it won’t make too much of a mess!

This site is going to be my family catch all, and one of the new things I’ll be adding is photos in my “read the label” series, which will document ingredients labels of all the foods that monkey is not allergic to. So look for some of those new posts to hit this space shortly.

I’ll also be posting more updates about parenting and food allergies, so there will still be lots of those kinds of articles.

In any case, welcome back, and thanks for reading.

P.S. if you are interested in gaming at all, I have a blog called gamerparent where I write about how gaming and parenting go together. Check it out! Thanks!

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