The Halloween Allergy Sorting Ritual

It happens every year. The bags of candy are dumped on the table, and the Great Halloween Sorting Ritual begins.

“Is this safe?” “What can I eat?” “Can I have this?”
“Wait, let me check. What is it called?”
Frantic Googling of ingredients and allergy information ensues.
“Oh, wait, it’s processed in a facility that also processes wheat.”
Take that one out of the pile.
“Are Tootsie Rolls ok?”
“Um… let’s see. Nope, Tootsie Rolls have milk. So do Tootsie Pops.”
Out of the pile.
“What about this lollipop?”
“What is this? I’ve never heard of this. A Dum Dum? Let’s see… Oh, those are ok. Oh wait, does this one have gum inside? “This allergen info DOES NOT APPLY to Dum Dum’s with gum inside”… nope, that one is out.”
Out of the pile.

By the end we have whittled down the pile to chips, a few lollipops, Swedish Berries and Fruit gummies, and that’s about it for the little one. Her big sister gets the bulk of the chocolate and other candies.

Both are allergic to nuts so Mom and I get those. 🙂

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