iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Case (RED)

My iSkin Vibes case for the Blackberry Storm arrived yesterday, and here are some photos of it and my initial impressions.

It’s a new product from iSkin, who are well known for their iPhone and iPod cases, and are now offering the same stylish and protective cases for various BlackBerry models, including the Storm.

The iSkin Vibes is a semi-rigid case, with a rubbery feel that is slightly grippy. However, it has a smooth feel which doesn’t seem to attract dust or lint in my pocket. The camera portion of the Storm is completely covered and protected with a clear portion of the case. The speaker is also covered, but I haven’t noticed much reduction in volume. Perhaps the material in that area of the case is slightly thinner than the rest? Whatever the reason, it seems to be loud enough.

The buttons are useable through the case, and I like that the charge port is covered with a flap, keeping the dust out but still letting me charge it when it’s in the case.

The colour is pretty vibrant. My friend remarked that it kind of looks like “Rogers” red. 🙂 I like that it’s translucent so you can see the BlackBerry logo through the back of the case.

Anyhow, I’m pretty happy with how it covers the edges and the corners at the top and bottom, giving it a bit more protection than my case-mate “Barely There” case.

I think I’m turning into a case junkie. Sigh.


iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Top Front



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Left Side Front



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Bottom Front



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Right Side Front



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Top Back



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Top Back



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Back Left



iSkin Vibes Blackberry Storm Back Right


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