on the day I was deathly ill

09:42 what coughs and moans and is sore all over? Me, that’s what. #
13:38 just woke up from a nap where I overheated under all the blankets. Super hot now, and feeling ooky. No, worse. #
13:39 to top it all off, I have to take the oldest to the doctors this afternoon… conjuntivitis. boo. #
14:59 ok, no longer taking daughter to the doctors, in laws are taking care of it. I’m still feeling like a truck ran over me. #
16:41 feeling a little better now. Thanks for your kind thoughts. #
16:46 here i go, updating to 10.5.6. oh wait, better back up first. #
17:48 google reader: Apple: No Jobs keynote, 2009 our last Macworld Expo tinyurl.com/6h39sx #
22:02 don’t look now, but here comes the snow, Toronto! #

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