A Fun Saturday

It started off auspiciously, this Saturday. This morning we split up, DW went grocery shopping, and I watched the kids at dance class. I brought my laptop to work on some things, but those of you on my twitter know that I had no battery left on my MBP (grrr) and I had to entertain myself with twitter on my cell phone… sore thumbs! The highlight of being there waiting, though, was getting a chance to have a preview of the girls’ ballet routine for the recital in June… so cute.

Our girls were at a birthday party this afternoon, at a play place nearby. The party was drop off (sweet), so DW and I had exactly two hours to relax and shop. And shop we did! We went to Starbucks first, to get our caffeine fix, and then we went to the closeout bankruptcy sale at Linens & Things. Mostly things were 40% off, only a few things were 60%. We did manage to score a set of 3 Green Pan frying pans for $60, which was awesome. I had never heard of Green Pan before, but DW had, and they seem like one of the new wave of environmentally conscious companies.

We also stopped in at the LCBO and picked up some Fresita and a bottle of CHRISTIAN MOUEIX SAINT-ÉMILION 2005 (VINTAGES 979955). This is one of my recent favourites.

We scooted back to the play place to pick up the kids, and thankfully they didn’t make much of a fuss when it was time to go. We had already warned them about it, so it seemed to be alright today. I was excited because their loot bag prize was a webkins doll! (I know, I need a life) Actually I was interested to see what this whole webkins thing was about, since we had never bought them one before. It’s actually pretty interesting to see how complex the whole webkins online component is… you have to earn money for buying stuff for your pet’s room, and feed it treats and healthy food. Visiting every day is touted as being a way to increase your pets happiness (way to feed the addiction to the computer)! I’m keeping my eye on this one, in many ways, it’s like a kids’ version of the SIMS… the girls are not going to be allowed to play this without adult supervision.

The converse may not be true, however… 🙂

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