first last day

Have you ever gotten those emails from American First Third bank? I always laugh at the name, because it’s so odd. Is it first? Or is it third? Make up your mind!

Today is the first last day of school for my oldest, and I can’t believe it’s been a whole school year already. I’m so proud of how far she’s come in a year. We’re looking forward to a little more flexible schedules for everyone, and we’ve got the first two weeks of July off (more or less) just to do stuff with the kids as a family. The kids have already requested Science Centre, the Museum, Ontario Place, strawberry picking… the summer seems so short, especially when it doesn’t start until the end of June! Ah well, that’s ok. We’ll get used to the rhythm soon enough, as the younger one will be starting school herself come September. And then, for 2.6 hours every morning, no one has to look after the kids. :-0

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  1. My youngest is also starting school in Sept and we're looking forward to the kid free section of the day too 🙂


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