Bathroom Reno Day 15

Oh yeah, we’re done. Except for the door, we’re done. Medicine cabinets and baseboards. Oh yeah. Take a look, we’re pretty happy with it.

It’s nice to have a bathroom that’s not in the basement… especially in the middle of the night. Let’s just say I haven’t been drinking anything after 9:30PM. 🙂

There have been a lot of photos, and I’ll be compiling a photo gallery later when it’s all completely done. But for now, all bathroom reno posts will be concluded. Back to your regularly scheduled lives.

I’ve learned a few things this time around about renovations.
– Make sure you check that the materials you want are actually in stock somewhere, and don’t take 5-10 days to order.
– If your experienced builder tells you to buy tile from a particular vendor, at least check it out. Quality does matter when it comes to tile.
– Be prepared for delays and unforeseen problems. They are inevitable. Take however long the time estimate is, and double it. That way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it finishes ‘early’.

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