Bathroom Reno Day 14

Day 14: Painting the kitchen, and putting up some bars

grab barsIs it done yet? Is it done yet? Well, we’re close. Really close. Two more days. Tomorrow, the baseboards (I think) are coming in, we get the mirror medicine cabinet and the cabinet above the toilet installed, and a few more hooks and bars. Importantly, the shower curtain rail is getting put in, and I have to go get a shower curtain. We were thinking to get a hemp one, just to stay away from vinyl and plastics as much as possible. But they’re a bit on the pricey side ($80-$100) and we’re not convinced about the longevity of them. Interestingly, IKEA makes shower curtains not out of vinyl, but PEVA, a chlorine-free plastic alternative to PVC.

Replacing the door

Originally, we planned to re-use the existing door, just make it swing the opposite way. Simple right? Not really. Since the door jamb isn’t square anymore, and the door has been shaved and cut to fit the slant, flipping the door would cause it to no longer fit so nicely. So we decided to get a new door installed. But because the door styles have changed, and these are from who knows when, we couldn’t find anything at Home Depot that would be the same.

Well, as it turns out, I sent the builder to Central Fairbank Lumber to pick up the baseboards that match what’s in the house, and he said that he literally almost walked into the exact same door style as what we had in our house. It’s now on order and should arrive next week, so they’ll come back and install it. Meanwhile we’ll have a bathroom without a door, but at least it works!

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