bathroom reno: day 5

the subfloorI never noticed how distracting the sounds of construction can be, until this week. Being home while the work is going on is fun on the one hand, because I can observe what’s happening and give progress updates to all of you, but it’s annoying on the other hand because I can’t get any other work done. I guess I am sensitive to noise. The droning noise of a coffee shop is ok, but the intermittent hammering, the sharp sound of drilling and sawing… it gets to me.

Anyway, things are moving along, as you can see from the pictures. some drywallThere’s a subfloor now, and there’s drywall on some of the walls. They’re having trouble with the weather; the recent rains make it impossible to work on the roof to replace the stack and install the ventilation fan. So, here’s hoping for a dry day tomorrow.

I got my linoleum, which was a bit of a feat. I didn’t realize that a) it takes 5-7 days for an order of linoleum to come, and b) you have to buy a minimum of 40 sq. yds. which is more than double the amount I needed. linoleum sampleSo I had to ‘settle’ for some of the remainder linoleum they had in the store, which turned out ok. The floor isn’t as dark as I would have liked, but it’ll do fine.

The projected finish date is ‘by the end of next week’, which is great. I just want to have it done with. It’s making my friend kbushling jealous, but she had a whole apartment to renovate, while this is just a little teeny tiny bathroom. 🙂

I picked up our wall tile today, just simple white glossy 8×10 tiles, and white grout. I know, pretty plain. I do want to highlight the store I got them from, called Home Again Inc. in Toronto, close to Laird and Eglinton. They specialize in surplus building materials, with great prices and some cool reclaimed and vintage pieces. I especially liked the vintage door keyhole lock sets at the front display. Floor and wall tiles, vanities, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets… all kinds of stuff. And their website is pretty good about listing their inventory. I like a good deal, and I like re-using whenever possible, so this store allows me to do both!

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