the Linguist got her 1st report card

the first report cardSo, here we are with another first: the first report card. The Linguist almost forgot to give it to us, it was only after dinner as she was washing her hands that she suddenly remembered, “Oh! I got my report card today! It’s in my bag! Oh! And there’s some jello we made at grandma’s too!” This is followed by a mad dash to the front hallway to retrieve said report card and jello.

I was not worried about the report card, from our interview in the fall, it seemed the Linguist was more than settling into the whole school thing. Most every day if you ask her, she’ll say something positive about school, or her teacher, or the activities she’s doing. Well, when I read the report card, it was effusive, positively glowing. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a nice report card before. Certainly mine were never so good. :/ I was impressed with the thoroughness our teacher put into her remarks, it was WAAY more than “plays well with others” or other stereotypical phrases. High marks to her teacher for that.

I am, admittedly and unashamedly, a proud daddy. That’s my girl! 🙂

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