C64 games coming to Wii’s Virtual Console

from engadget.com – Just when you think all of your nostalgic fantasies have all been fulfilled, along comes Nintendo with a little extra joy for your retro heart. That “little extra” in this case happens to be Commodore 64 games for your Wii.

Oh man, Commodore 64 games! Fun times, fun times.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. a couple years ago i had an emulator on my PC to play C64 games. I had a whole wack of them! I played Jumpman, Commando, Exploding Fists, What was that car one (not Pole Position…better!).

    Come to think of it, Summer Games/Winter Games would be pretty good for the Wii. Sounds like fun!!!


  2. Cool! We used to have Commodore 64's in our computer lab in High School. (Yes I know, I'm pretty old) But, we were complaining about them when we had them, because even we thought they were antiquated. But there was a cool Mecha game that we used to play on them.


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