WordPress 2.5 RC1

Because I’m a glutton for geekiness and I like to try out new stuff, I upgraded this blog’s inner workings to the latest WordPress 2.5 (Release Candidate 1). That’s right, I’m running this whole thing off of a beta. Call me crazy, I know.

My impressions so far:
The Dashboard interface has gone through a major redesign and I have to say it looks great. I like it. It’s cleaner, it looks much more web2.0, and things are completely rearranged so I get to discover where everything is again. Isn’t upgrading fun? No, seriously, I do like it. The post page looks like this now:
WP 2.5RC1 new post screenshot

There’s a cool lightbox effect pop up when you add media to your post, and oh, there’s even an alignment setting now. Hope that works. Yep, hey, it does work. I’ve been fiddling around with getting images to align properly, so maybe this will ease my pain a little. We’ll see.

All in all, it looks like a ‘big deal’ and hopefully any bugs will be ironed out before the final is released.

Happy blogging!

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