writing to remember

If you’ve ever gazed down to the bottom of my sidebar, you’ll notice that I have some buttons down there. Among them are a couple of popularity meters, like technorati and feedburner subscribers. I don’t put them there to show off, because to be frank the numbers are low. I’m not an A- or B-lister, not even a C- or D-lister. The reason I put them there is to remind myself why I write. I’m not writing for those numbers. I’m not writing for pageviews or CPM (although should I ever get dugg I’m ready to take advantage, ha!)

I’m writing to remember. Who we are is defined by our relationships with others. More important than achievements or career success, more important than fame or wealth, the people we affect and who affect us make us who we are. As I get older (I’m 35 this year) I notice that memories are becoming more important to me.

10 Random Things I Want To Remember:
– the way the Comic sneaks into our bed every night without us noticing and stays there till morning
– how the Linguist responds to structure but still has moments of wild exuberance
– how our walls used to be pink but now they’re MUCH nicer
– the way the Linguist used to call a blanket a “blank-o-let”, and how the Comic calls blueberries “blue-blerries”
– how great it was to have snow tires for the first time this winter
– the first time I held the Linguist and looked into her jet black eyes and everything just clicked
– the way the Linguist as a baby would SCREAM every time we changed her
– how the Linguist pre-reading could hear a book and know it verbatim after the second read
– how the Comic ‘reads’ a book mostly verbatim and is willing to fill in the parts she doesn’t know
– how awesome it was that my DW agreed to get a Wii for Christmas, and that she’s as fierce a competitor as I am

Why do you blog? What things do you want to remember?

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