an incident, a laugh, a reaction, and a knot

Today I worked all day at the studio and then went straight to a committee meeting at church, so I didn’t get home till 9:45PM. DW was holding down the fort tonight, and as I was driving home from the meeting she called me to tell me that something happened at home. While she was giving the kids baths, the Linguist pulled on the soap holder on the wall. Well, she’s a good 40 pounds now, and she pulled pretty hard, and the whole thing came off the wall, taking 5 surrounding tiles with it. All this comes crashing into the tub, while both kids are in it, having their bath!

When she told me this on the phone, I stifled a laugh, because I thought it was kind of funny, not realizing that the tiles almost fell on the girls, and that it was a huge mess.

I got home and checked out the damage, and cleaned it up. We’ll have to clear up out basement bathroom and shower (thankfully we have one) so that we can have a functioning shower. And it looks like we’re going to have to renovate the bathroom now, rather put it off till later.

The other news is that the Comic had a major allergic reaction today, after she was mistakenly given a chocolate that they thought DW had said was safe for her, when in fact it most definitely was not.

This news gave me a knot in my stomach. I get that every time the Comic has a reaction, because it means a setback in the attempt at ‘zero-exposure’ and possible ‘growing out’ of the allergy. I feel like my role for my food allergic child is to be her advocate, to make sure she doesn’t get exposed to any of her allergens in the hopes that she may one day outgrow them. But if she does get exposed, she’s more likely to keep on reacting to those things, and to carry on having those allergies. So I get a little uptight about it. And when it happens when I’m not around, then it makes me upset.

It’s frustrating because it’s not a ‘oh well, what can you do’ kind of thing. It’s a ‘if I stick to this zero-exposure plan, there’s a chance, however small, that she’ll grow out of her allergies’ kind of thing. And I want her to have that chance.

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