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The other day the Linguist asked me to change the settings in her user account so that Firefox would launch in the default search page, and not automatically go to uptoten. That way she could go to tvokids or pbskids if she wants.

My five year old.

My five year old is more computer literate than my mom. Both my daughters know that when you click on a video, the little progress bar means it’s loading. They are amazed that Daddy and Mommy didn’t have internet when we were little. Or even when we were ‘big kids’.

The Linguist got particularly excited when I mentioned that we’ll be moving a computer to the living room for everyone to use. She started talking about a “kid-free station”, as in, the kids are free to use it. So cute.

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  1. Posted by giz on 2008/01/04 at 1:09 PM

    must be her daddy's influence! lol.


  2. who me? no… couldn't be! And my DW asked me to clarify that she's not yet 5. Although lately it seems she's 4.9 going on 14…. sigh.


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