is Santa real?

For the backstory to this post, read here.

Last Sunday we took the kids to the Santa Claus parade. It was their first time going, and as far as I can remember, I think it was my first time too. Anyway, at dinner that evening, the Linguist had a few questions:

the Linguist: Is Santa Claus real?
DW: well, what do you think?
the Linguist: Ummm… No. Yes! Well, but then who left those presents?
DW: who do you think?
the Linguist: Well, Santa. Wait, is someone just trying to trick me?
Me: no, no one is trying to trick you…
the Linguist: Well, someone could be pretending that there is a Santa… but then who wrote that note last year? There must be a Santa.

For the sake of her younger sister, we let the topic drop. I don’t think it’ll last much past this year, though. I’m not going to go to great lengths to preserve this particular Christmas myth… although it is kind of fun in a sort of devious way.

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