new toys

I recently purchased a pair of Etymotic Research ER6i earphones from Amazon. I couldn’t resist the almost half price deal, plus the strong CDN, well… it was too much.

I just tried them and have been figuring out which eartips work the best in my ears. I think from all my years of drumming with foam earplugs, these work the best and are the most comfortable. The other ones just feel like someone jammed a big rubber thing in my ear, which, I guess, is exactly what I did. 🙂

Mine are black, and yes, the foam eartips are that exact colour. I guess I’ll be buying replacement eartips in the near future, as some of us have discussed previously, foam earplugs get kind of, well, you know, gross.

How do they sound? Pretty nice. Even. Once you get used to all the sound outside being blocked, and the feeling of earplugs in your ears, it’s a nice experience. Just don’t expect me to answer when you ask me what time it is on the subway, ok?

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