The last time I bought paper, George Bush was the president, Brian Mulroney was PM, and I had a LaserWriter LS to go with my wicked Mac LCII. Unable to pass up the deal of buying a case of paper (it’s so much cheaper!) instead of just one or two packs of 500 sheets, I have as a result kept this case of paper like my own personal albatross. I’ve moved it from my parent’s house to our first rental place, to the condo, to our current house. Each time we moved I couldn’t believe that I still had paper left. I finished an undergrad, a techincal program, and a Masters without finishing that case of paper. (I guess I need to write longer papers… or more drafts…)

So this time, I got wise. Instead of buying a case of paper, I bought half a case. That’s 5 reams of 500, in case you’re wondering.

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