not quite perfect

I really like the tools that Alex King has created for WordPress. Twitter Tools lets you show your Twitter posts in the sidebar and to post to Twitter from your blog. Share This puts a nice little popup beneath each post to allow your users to share the link on social network sites (like Facebook), or to email this article if you’re still old school (just kidding)!

One thing that’s still not working (due to changes on Twitter’s part) is the daily digest of tweets to the blog. It was previously working, but, as you have probably noticed, there haven’t been any digests lately. So I thought I’d take the moment to ask if you, as a reader of my blog, like the daily digest of tweets, or not? Is it annoying? Or useful?

I liked the feature because it was a way of saving the posts made on Twitter somewhere, functioning like a backup of sorts. But perhaps it added to the ‘noise’ on the blog, rather than contribute useful content?

Your thoughts, Spock. I must have them.

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