what, a digicam?

One of the other reasons I activated a YouTube account was to have a place to upload all the videos that I plan on taking now that I got a new digital camera I bought my DW a new digital camera. Heh. I ended up with a Canon A570IS, which I got as much for it’s video capabilities as it’s photographic capabilities. It’s able to do 640×480 video at 30fps until your memory card is full, or the video clip reaches one hour, whichever comes first. Since I just got an 8GB card today (he he) I should be able to do 2 hours of video. That’s crazy.

Why use a digital camera for video instead of a camcorder? I like it because there’s no tapes to get jammed, or mistracking, or anything like that. It’s quick to transfer to the computer to edit, instead of having to transfer it in real time like you do with a camcorder. (I’m assuming a tape based camcorder like MiniDV. If you have a hard drive based camcorder it’s a different story) No moving parts to break down. Takes much better stills than a camcorder does. The only downside is there’s no optical zooming during video, you have to zoom to where you want before you shoot. The stabilization does wonders for shaky video, it almost feels like a SteadiCam. Well, not quite (sorry to all you SteadiCam operators out there, I didn’t mean to offend you). But it’s pretty steady.

Now I just have to remember to hold the camera level, and my videos will be great!

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