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I’m finding lately, as I ride the social network wave, I don’t know what’s good and what’s not. I mean, there’s a million different things out there to try, and what’s worthwhile and what’s not is often hard to pin down. And it’s not like the web is static either, something that really stank one day could roll out rev 2 the next day and suddenly be the next big thing.

I recently signed up with Profilactic, and if you can get over the name, it’s really a useful site. All your online identities in one place, on one page, an uber-status update, if you will. I found that it even helped me remember what my usernames on these different sites were (it’s amazing what two kids will do to your ability to remember things). More accurately, I didn’t have to remember, I could just click on it in Profilactic and I would be taken there.

As I set up my different sites, I looked at the list of available sites and wondered to myself, “Hmm. These look interesting, I wonder what this site is for?” There are too many for me to try. And I’m sure there are many more. But if we don’t want to join things that are going to go the way of ICQ, Asian Avenue, or eWorld then we had better choose wisely.

I’m content not to sign up for anything more. Just knowing that what I am signed up for is on the list makes me feel better. If it’s cool enough to be on Profilactic, then it’s cool enough for me. Even if I don’t sign up just yet.

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