weekend in recap

first day

12:30AM get on the bus to Montreal

9:30AM arrive at the bus terminal, tired and sore

Get on the Metro and figure out where we’re going.

Lucien L’Allier is our stop, and man, is it waaaay down underground! We drop our bags at the B&B

Go out exploring, but first stop Starbucks for coffee muffins.

Wander down St. Catherine and do some shopping

Lunch at Au Pain Dore, after some browsing at Chapters

2:30PM Head back and check in, and take naps

4:45 head out to Pink Martini! w00t!

8:45 dinner at soupebol noodles downtown… yummy.

second day

7:45AM sumptuous breakfast downstairs

Visited the Notre Dame Basilica, got a few nice photos, dark, very dark. Glad for the VR.

Puttered around Old Montreal until lunchtime.

lunch at Jardin Nelson

Did a little shopping, Nancy got a little wallet thing.

Headed over to Chinatown to pick up dinner.

take out Char-Siu and rice, and Gai-Lan choi… mmm… comfort food. Stayed in and watched a few episodes of 24.

third day

7:15AM breakfast

wandered around downtown until almost 12.

12:30PM lunch at L’Express. I had a glass of Bordeaux, steak frite, and a tarte de chocolat. The steak was a true medium rare, and the fries were really really good.

2:00PM went back to the hotel and I slept almost until 4… Nancy surfed the net and relaxed.

5:00PM went to Impact Church, which meets in a rented church building not far from our B&B, so it was close by. Small fellowship, nice community, mostly students and working. Met a few people and joined with them in discussion and communion.

8:00PM off to the main concert of the evening, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette. Wow. It’s nice to say that you’ve seen these legends play at least once in your lifetime. It was sumptuous. They played two encores! Two! Keith Jarrett berated the audience for taking pictures, though, before they did any encores. It was a great concert. Total contrast from Friday night’s concert, as expected.


7:30AM another gorgeous breakfast

waiting around, blogging and packing. Train leaves at 11:40, and then we’re back home!

footnote: it rained (at least a little bit) every day we were on vacation. as per usual.

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