safe and sound – secret’s out

Well, despite the drama of the National Day of Protest, we made our way to Montreal yesterday. When we heard about the protest late Thursday, we quickly booked a bus and left at 12:30AM, instead of on the train. Good thing, as the blockade started early, and even the bus was diverted. We arrived at around 9:30AM, 2.5 hours behind schedule. Tired, but no worse for wear.

Yep, Montreal. My secret is no more. Actually, DW figured it out this week where we were going… sigh.

Glad we made it today, because we had tickets for Pink Martini tonight, and we DID NOT want to miss it.

(It was awesome… stay tuned for the ‘mini-review’, for now, I have to go sleep… so tired…)

EDIT: As this is my only post for this day, I would like to note that at 6:00PM on “iDay” I was sitting in the concert hall listening to Pink Martini open their concert with Ravel’s “Bolero” and NOT obsessively surfing the web for iPhone launch news.

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