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I stole my wife’s library book and read it on the subway today. It’s a book by Lynne Truss, “Eats, Shoots & Leaves”. So funny. Of course I would think so, seeing as I joined the “I judge you when you use poor grammar” group on facebook without any hesitation. Truss’s book is about punctutaion, and its history and misuse. Recommended if you’re into slightly dry English humour, and things like punctuation.

As an Asian person born in Canada, I always shake my head when I read restaurant menus or grocery item descriptions, because invariably there will be a typo or grammatical construction so horrifying that it almost makes me ashamed to be Asian. Almost. In rare cases, these non-sensical blunders can also be a selling point, as demonstrated by our recent purchase of a package of rice noodles bearing the slogan, “The new type noodle: Thick * Slick * Bright Taste”. The description reads, “Each noodles is a stylish masterpiece. It is for people who want excitement in their noodles. Enjoy nice time by specially fine tastes.” Wow. We had to buy it for the packaging alone.

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