tetris makes a comeback

J has picked up Tetris as her latest thing. She plays it on the grandparents’ GameBoy, and I downloaded Quinn for her to play at home. She has a limit of 30 minutes, which I think is fair… considering she’s only 4.5, I don’t want to create a game addict…

When I told her we had a version of Tetris she could play on the computer, I mentioned that we had to figure out what the controls were, because they would be different from the GameBoy. Her response was something along the lines of, “Oh, can we make the number keys control the directions, and another key to make it spin?” I was a little surprised. “Uh, ok, sure, we can customize it to whatever you like…” :O]

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  1. Posted by HM on 2007/06/18 at 1:39 AM

    Games are a sure good way of improving hand eye coordination =) It sure helped this game addict (ahem… former)


  2. i love tetris too!!! i should have showed her tetris on my DS 😛

    of all the games that she could be addicted to though, i gotta say that tetris is at the very least a math-y sort of game. this was my excuse to my parents – it’s helping me with geometry!! although, I wasn’t 4.5… :O


  3. as much of a non addict as i was. ..i did enjoy the tetris. and, it helps you organize your room and put stuff in the trunk when it doesn’t fit…


  4. Posted by divine.conspiracy on 2007/06/27 at 12:41 PM

    thanks for the comments! there is a place for games, and all the benefits you mentioned are true, eye hand coordination, spatial and math learning, etc. My only concern is addiction, but so far she accepts that she can only play for a certain amount of time.

    Contemplating getting a Wii…


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