happening in estonia

Did you know that Estonia’s internet is under attack? I just read about it in this article here. (see the original story in the NY Times here (login required).)

Kind of scary to think that the whole country’s internet could be targeted and overwhelmed by a Denial-of-service attack. While these kinds of attacks are not new, I can’t recall a time when a specific country was targeted.

What chilled me was the following paragraph from the Times article:

Scientists and researchers convened by the National Academy of Sciences this year heard testimony from military strategy experts indicating that both China and Russia have offensive information-warfare programs. The United States is also said to have begun a cyberwarfare effort.

[emphasis mine]

If you think about how much reliance on the internet and networks we have right now, it’s scary. Makes me want to hide some cash under the mattress just in case the banks go down… πŸ™‚ And some chocolate. You know. In case I get hungry.

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  1. uh oh…don’t get all Y2K about it! πŸ™‚


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