caught between 2 and 3

T is two and a half years old now, and she’s fully into the ‘terrible’ portion of the two’s. It hasn’t helped matters this past week that she’s been sick. Torn between expressing her growing independence and regressing to more secure baby-ways, a lot of ‘drive-my-parents-crazy’ behaviours have surfaced.

Going anywhere in the car has become a bit of a stressor.

T: “I don’t like the wind! It’s blowing my hair! Can you close my window?”
J: “But I thought you liked the wind!”
T: “No! I changed my mind! Please?! Can you close the window?”
J: “Don’t close mine, I like it open!”
T: “No!”
T: “My hair is blowing, Daddy!”
Me: “Oh, do you want me to close the windows?”
T: “No, I like it. I like it now. I changed my mind.”

Another problem is that T claims she “doesn’t like bumps” anymore. As in, anywhere we drive, if there’s the slightest bump, she begins to cry. I mean, there’s no where you can drive that there isn’t a bump. There’s a bump coming out of our driveway, ok? So it’s really impossible. And she now wants mommy to hold her hand.

T: “Daddy, can you go the not bumpy way?”
Mom: “T, Daddy will go the way he wants to, OK? He can’t choose where the bumps are.”
T: “Nooo! I don’t like the bumps!”
Mom: “T, we can’t do anything about the bumps, OK?”
T: “Mommy, hold my hand! Please?! Hold my hand!”
J: “Why does T keep changing her mind? Sometimes she likes the wind, sometimes she doesn’t.”
Mom: “Well…”
T: “No! Don’t talk about me!”

I keep telling myself, “5 more months, only 5 more months!” 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. cute story! It’ll pass.

    Do you exchange links? I read your blog semi-regularly and am looking for blogs to add to my link list.


  2. Posted by divine.conspiracy on 2007/05/23 at 12:08 PM

    thanks! i certainly hope so. I envision the day when she is where the older one is now, and we will have two relatively well behaved rational and reasonable children. Yeah, right.

    Sure, you’re more than welcome to link to my blog, as long as I can do the same? Thanks!


  3. rational, reasonable children….do they sell those where you live?

    I put up your link. It looks like, twopuffsofair…would you rather Two Puffs Of Air?

    Also…what is the meaning of your title? Does it refer to your children?


  4. Posted by divine.conspiracy on 2007/05/23 at 3:12 PM


    all one word run together is fine.

    It’s derived from the way a certain singer sang the lyric: “to persevere” in the song “There’s not a crown without a cross“. My CTI team covered this song when we went to Australia.

    I thought it would be obscure enough to be understood in a number of different ways, yet a reminder to me to persevere in being a parent, a husband, a music pastor, etc.


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