IKEA day

I love IKEA. They take your kid for an hour in a supervised play area with crafts, a ball pool, and videos while you go and shop. Bliss.

We dropped J off and kept T with us. She’s a ham. She went around walking with her hands stuffed into her jacket pockets, and then swung her elbows around as she walked. We tried to get in as much as we could while J was in the play area… since coming home from Ben & Melody’s we wanted a few things from IKEA, including a dish scrub brush and a new knife! :p

I felt so bad for T today, though. She was all excited about playing in the smaller ball pool that used to be located in the upper showroom area. I say used to, because when we got there today, we couldn’t find it. We asked someone about it and they told us that they don’t have it anymore. When T heard that, she burst into tears! “But I really want to go play the balls! I really wanted to play balls!” 😦 She was really disappointed.

edit: I should mention that both the kids are sick as well, so it does explain some of the crying and whining behaviour. 🙂

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