is 1$ too much for your sanity?

My previous post alluded to a TV Kart at Meijer, which is a grocery store chain. We were visiting our good friends in Grand Rapids, MI last week. While we were there, I gave in to J’s pleading (I know, I should be strong, but it’s so hard… and it’s only a dollar…)

hey look, it’s Barney… [shudder]

see how happy they look?

note the dire warnings on the kart:

As a result, we had a relatively pleasant grocery shopping experience. They watched Barney while we shopped… such is the life of kids these days. What did our parents do with us at the grocery store? I don’t remember. Did my mom give me something to eat? A book to read? Or did they just leave us outside in the car like they used to do in the days when it was more ‘safe’?  I recall an episode where I set fire to a hair in the cigarette lighter thing… it smelled awful and of course my parents were suitably angry when they returned to the acrid smell and my sheepish look… sigh.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not do this every time we go to the grocery store. This was a one time only event, brought on by a moment of weakness on Daddy’s part, since we were on vacation. Just wanted to make that clear…

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