side effects

So T had an ear infection last weekend, which accounted for her high fever and our sleepness nights. She was prescribed antibiotics, which she has to take orally, so it’s in suspension. I went to Costco to fill the prescription, and I got home to discover that the flavour of the medicine is banana. This is, of course, a disaster. Not only is it nasty tasting, but T is actually allergic to banana, so she kind of has an aversion to that flavour anyway. She refuses to have anything to do with it.

We got our doctor to prescribe another kind of antibiotic that was a different flavour. Strawberry. Of course, now that she’s all averse to taking the meds, she refuses again. Not with the spoon, not with the syringe, not anyhow.

We’ve been through this before. It takes a few days of stubborn-ness (in the mean time, we’re just pouring it in there and hoping she swallows at least some of it) and then suddenly, she just decides that she’s going to take the medicine with no fussing, and that’s the end of it. Now she just takes it, and that’s it.

The funny thing is that now she knows how to spit, having had lots of practice spitting out the medicine all over us for the last few days. Sigh.

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