week 1 of my new phone odyssey

There’s nothing like spending a little time with something (or someone) to really get to know their personality and little quirks.

Quirks about my phone:

  • picky about memory cards – apparently, only Kingston and some other brand work with my phone. I only discovered this after I bought one of the non-working brands and found that, surprise, it doesn’t work. A quick Google search would have saved me the hassle, but who would have thought that it would be so fussy?
  • features locked – Telus has kindly locked out the ability to set your own mp3, AAC and midi files as ringtones or alerts. Try to do it and it will give you a warning. So you can play the files, so I can listen to music and podcasts, but I can’t set Diana Krall or Chris Tomlin as a ringtone unless I buy it from the Telus store. Nice. (There’s a workaround involving a USB connector and some hacking software called Diego, but it’s only for PC and I can’t be bothered… yet…)

I’m really excited about bluetooth, though. I’m looking for a handsfree headset thing now… I think it really sad what it says about me, but one of the factors in getting a bluetooth headset is that I won’t have to touch the phone as much, and so it won’t get scratched or fingerprints all over it… oh no… i’ve turned into one of THOSE people… aaaaaaaaaaaah!!

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