day 2 with my new phone

So I’ve had a day to play with my new phone and so far, i like it.

  • The screen is big, bright, and has a wide viewing angle.
  • the UI is pretty easy to use, and resonably customizable
  • ‘meeting’ mode is genius: beep once when a call comes in, and that’s all
  • the sliding keypad is cool (when J saw it she said, “Ooooh, cool!”)

Some things that I could live without:

  • the form factor makes it difficult for me to hold the phone one-handed and punch the numbers with my thumb. Not impossible, just a little awkward.
  • fingerprints…
  • putting my finger over the camera lens part
  • having to buy an adapter to utilize the MP3 feature

This last ‘gotcha’ is kind of annoying. I was hoping to use the phone as a MP3 player, but it seems I can’t just plug in a pair of headphones and start listening to tunes and podcasts. I have to buy another plug in accessory in order to enable this function. It’s something they don’t tell you when you read the description on the box.

Anyway, I will have to go find an audio adapter at Pac Mall, maybe. And get some miniSD memory too, since it’s practically the only way you can get MP3’s on the phone. Definitely NOT ready to go out of the box. Very much unlike what the iPhone experience will be, I’m sure… 🙂

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