now i’ve gone and done it

well, I did it. I plunked down my hard earned money and pre-ordered my very own copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0. Why, you ask? Why am I not towing the Apple party line, and using Aperture? Well, for one thing, I can’t run Aperture on any of my machines, they’re too slow. And when I saw the demo of Lightroom’s newest editing features, I was sold. I already like the workflow in Aperture A LOT, so now that I could conceivably stay in Lightroom for most of the light editing and touch ups on my images, I was sold.

I am told that v1.0 will be FASTER than the beta versions, something that I’m hoping will eke a few more months of performance out of my current machines. I really want a MacBook Pro, but I’ll wait as long as I can. I mean, why get one now with only 2 cores? The 4 core one shouldn’t be too far away… THEN it’ll really fly.

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