the eve before the party

It’s 10:50PM and J is still awake. Our lunch / AGO excursion was a success, but she crashed afterwards at around 4:15 and slept till 6. It means that she’s completely messed up now… good thing there’s a birthday party tomorrow. That should completely mess her up, and then she’ll go to bed early. We have a nice quiet evening planned… 🙂

Ansel Adams / Eisenstaedt was fun. Not as leisurely a time as I would have liked, but to be expected with a 4 year old to corral. I noticed that all the pictures are hung too high for little kids, and there’s a lot of reflections for them to contend with. I guess that’s why she was happier when I carried her. We spent the most time looking at “Rose on Driftwood”. She seemed to like that one. Because the AGO is under construction, there was not a whole lot to see. Actually, it was probably fine, because as it was we spent nearly 2 hours there. There happened to be a kids art installation which was more like a play area, so there were some construction toys we played with for a while, and some paper to draw on, which she did.

Hmm.. sounds quiet upstairs… Birthday girl is finally asleep.

There really is something about viewing the Adams prints in real life, not reproduced in books or posters. I was struck by how sharp they were, how detailed, and yet how small. The posters you buy are bigger than the actual prints he made. One of the prints which I have in a wall calendar was very small, 4 or 5 inches square. Maybe it was a contact print. Anyway, I thought it was quite small, and surprised.

It helps my thought process actually, because I’ve been wondering if I really need a wider format printer than 13″. Oh yeah, I’m thinking about printers, in case you didn’t know. More on that later. Anyway, perhaps there is something to be said for printing ‘small’ (although 13 x 19 really isn’t small) and viewing the prints more intimately, at 3 to 5 feet.

Anyway… enough musing for one night. Time to finish preparations. I’m off!

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